Family Photo Sessions and Children Photo Sessions

Family photo sessions are only $250.00 this includes the talent and time of myself, a 1 to 1 1/2 hour photo session and a full resolution CD with up to 30 edited images on disc and a copy right release.   This also includes your choice of a lifestyle photo shoot or a regular photo session.  For more details on this please email or call.

For a Child photo session, the price is $150.00 for a 45 minute photo session with up to 20 edited images on a disc and a copy right release.  This session includes up to 2 children, for each additional child add $25.00. 


Each session includes a full resolution CD with up to 12 edited images on the disc and a copy right release.  The price for this session is $250 for 1 child and for a sibling is $300 and includes 20 edited images 10 per child.  

***Dance sessions include only 1 person per shoot unless with a sibling.  The reason for this is because I can not dedicate the time I need to each person that is necessary for these sessions.***  

Newborn Hospital and Welcome Home Baby Sessions

This is not to be mistaken for live birth photography, with a young family I am unable to accommodate for these.   Newborn hospital photos are when shortly after the birth of your baby I come to the hospital and I take pictures of you with your little one.  I have a more journalistic approach to newborn photography so that you can remember how it really was when you brought this baby into the world.  This session is up to 60 minutes long depending on what you want photographed, and includes 30 images on a disc and the copy right release. This session costs only $200.00  

The Welcome Home Baby Sessions includes a 1-1 1/2 hour photo session in your home and includes 30 images on a disc with a copy right release.  This session costs $250.00 

If you book both sessions with me I offer the package for $350.00 

Baby Story

Baby story is the whole package,  It includes maternity, hospital and welcome home pictures.  This session is $500 and you recieve both the copy right release of the images and the edited images on a disc.  

Wedding Packages 

My wedding packages start at $500.00 and go up to $1200.00 please email me and I can send you a full price list.  Please include in your email the dates, locations, and times of your events so that I can give accurate pricing.

Large Group Photography

A large group is considered 8 or more people.  This photo shoot includes the large family photo, grandchildren photo, grandchildren with grandparents, individual family, individual kids, and any other photos you desire.  This session is a 90 minute session and includes all edited images on a disc and the copy right release.  

**Travel fees may apply to all photo sessions**


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