Yep, I've already broke my resolutions....

Really I'm not too sorry about it.  I pretty much expect to break my goals the second I make them, but at least it gives me the chance to evaluate myself and see what I want to work on.   After some self evaluation I found that my goals for myself are not my usual goals this year.  

My usual goals consist of:
Get in shape
Grow my buisness
Be more organized
Blah blah blah...

These aren't New Years resolutions these are just adult things I have do.  While they are an important part of my life and they are all good decisions they weren't my main priority this year.  

I have to be honest 2013 was a pretty rough year for me.  I don't have a sad story to tell or anything like that, it was just tough.  Life came fast and hard and it was just a stressful year to get through.  After taking a long evaluation of how I want my 2014 year to go I found that through a little hardship, my view of life has changed a lot in a year.  

My 2014 resolutions now look something like this:

#1 Be more present with my kids 
#2 Find more time to be with my husband
#3 Don't sweat the small stuff
#4 Be a kinder more compassionate person
#5 Read to my kids more often 
#6 Learn to write because I suck at it :) 
#7 Blog more because it's cathartic for me and it helps me with goal #6

As you can see I have already gotten behind on goal #7 but that's because I have been working on goals #1-#5 so I'm okay with it.  

This New Years Eve we were lucky enough to have some of my nieces and nephews over for a sleep over to bring in the New Year and light a few sparklers together....Oh and to bang so hard on the muffin tins that they leave our muffins looking a bit skeewhampus now  :)  Good times were had by all!  


These pictures are taken at night with an Iphone so the quality isn't great, but I am working on letting go and also on goal #1 .  

I'm so grateful to have worked through a hard year and seen my whole view of life change even though nothing in life did.   Sometimes all you need is a different look at life that makes all the difference for you.  So here is to a New Year and a new perspective.  Happy New Year!!!!