Mom Of The Month ; Megan Pyrah

I always love when I ask moms what they want to do for the photo shoot what they come up with.  Mother's are so different and I love seeing them as who they are and I try not to paint a picture for them.  I want them to be real and not to hold back.  Well...Megan doesn't hold back.  When she told me she wanted to do silly string I was so excited.  Then it rained and I thought we were going to have to cancel the shoot and not one of them had a problem with it, they were awesome!   

Megan and her family were so much fun to be around and it was a privilege to see her in action as a mother.   With that being said, here's Megan Phyrah from Brassy Apple .



Tell me about your family?

We are a family that enjoys being together. When asked how many kids I have my newest answer has become, "depends on the day!" We have kids from college age to preschool and even one in heaven. My husband and I are also foster parents so our number changes! 


What do you all do for fun? 

A family that plays together...makes good memories! We love to create and be outdoors. Biking, hiking a trail, exploring a new park are a few outdoor things we love. Indoors we love to play games, get out the paints, dance in the kitchen and sing at the top of our lungs. My kids know that being dirty is "a sign of a good time." And I've even heard them say while in the middle of an activity, "this is going to be a great memory." 



What are a few of your favorite things that always make you smile?

Morning hugs and snuggles from my kids, dandelion bouquets from my boys, handmade cards, gifts and letters, hearing "MOM!" being yelled as they run up and welcome me home even if I"ve only been gone to a meeting. 

What surprised you most about motherhood that you weren't expecting?

How much my capacity to love increased. I didn't know my heart could grow so big! 




What are a few things you've learned about motherhood and family life that work well for you?

Don't sweat the small stuff! Kids are just little people. The more I get on their level and understand where they are coming from instead of making them conform to acting a certain way the better days we have. Also following a schedule. But that's doesn't mean we aren't spontaneous! 



How do you balance work and family?

I want to my kids to know that I can be a mom and have a career. That I can work and pursue my dreams still as an adult. It's not always easy to balance and sometimes once I've figured out what is working we have to revamp it. LOL. I do tend to get a lot of work done after the kids are in bed and before they get up in the morning. 



What inspired you to start blogging?

For me blogging started as a way of sharing my family life with my family and to promote business. Then it morphed into certain interests and a few niches and it became less family and more of a business blog. 

How do you find time for yourself?

I schedule it! LOL...Seriously I do. I schedule time for me to do things I just love. Date nights are important and time with friends also. Sometimes "my time" involves the family. When I'm doing something I love they just naturally want to give it a try too. That's why we love to DIY and create! 



What style tip do you have that you feel like everyone could benefit from?

Get dressed for YOU! Get dressed for the day you want to have. For the person you are or are wanting to become. There is a power in accessories that can take your comfy jeans and tshirt to a whole new level without adding discomfort to you! 

Favorite places to shop?

If you follow me on social media and/or read my blog you know I love to thrift! I am a bargain shopper. I love sales and clearance at any shop! Favorite places for accessories is Charming Charlie and the only deal a day sites! 




Did your style change once you became a mother?  

YES!!! It's constantly changing as I do. I went from flats to heels! from sweatshirts and my hair in a pony everyday to feeling more polished and put together. 



What do you struggle with as a mom?

I think like any mother I stuggle with "Am I doing good enough?" have I taught my kids enough? Have I had enough patience? I think it's a good thing when kept in check. I want to be doing better and giving them a balance of love and lessons. 


What is your favorite things about being a mom?

Seeing the world through their happy, adventurous, curious eyes! Helping them explore and find out who THEY are. Discovering and developing their interests and talents. Continuing traditions that I enjoyed as a child. It's a privilege to have a family no matter where they come from (adopted or biological or fostering). I hope I am their biggest cheerleader so they can grow up to a cheerleader for someone else too! 



Megan you are wonderful and you make me want to put everything down and go play with my kids.  Thank you for letting us take a peak into your reality it was a ton of fun!