School V-day Party

These pictures were taken the day of Taylors Valentines Day party so that's why she looks so happy. Maren was bummed out because her party wasn't until the next day, but she finally agreed to be happy because I told her I would come to her school the next day and help with her party.  This is why I don't have any pictures of Maren that day because I was in a huge hurry to get ready. Maren's party went well and she made me a cute little flower card that had a sucker in the middle of it. Tay said she had so much fun at her party and she loved that she got to wear her dress to school. They are so cute with the holidays! I love that they are so excited about the decorations and the games and of course frosting cookies. They are so much fun and I can't wait for Lauren to be old enough to enjoy them all with us.