A past due princess party

So anyone that knows me well know that a princess party would not be my first choice.  However it was Maren's 6th birthday and I was thinking that this whole princess obsession will be coming to an end here shortly, plus Taylor is still right in the middle of it and her birthday is only 2 days before Maren's so why not have a big party?  So I decided to go all out for it and get a princess and she was awesome, here is her website.  We thought it would be fun to surprise them so when Maren and Taylor opened the door they were speechless.  Maren kept whispering to me, mom I didn't know there was going to be a princess and Taylor just kept looking at her with her cute big green eyes and was just glued to her.  It was a lot of fun and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who has thought about having a princess party for their little girls.  By the way look at the pictures but be nice, I just got a new lens and I'm working out the kinks :)  it's my learning curve!