Feels like home to me

Jon and I met in Moab 10 years ago almost to the date.  So when Jon and I started planning a trip down there for the half marathon we called his parents and asked if they would take the kids for the weekend.  We haven't been back alone since we left at the end of the river season 9 years ago.  I was so excited to have a weekend alone with my husband and I'm glad we were able to be there in the same place we started.  We are coming up on our 9 year wedding anniversary next month and I am so grateful for my cute fun husband!!!!  We had a great time there and we are already planning on our next trip to go back soon. Here's just a few pictures from our trip.  Really Jon was so sore after running the half that he wasn't up for hiking around much so we pretty much just relaxed and hung out a lot, but Jon did AWESOME at the half and I'm so proud of him :)

This is the Cable Arch overlook.  This place never disappoints us because most people have no idea that this place exists.  It's kind of hard to find because it's not even marked.  This place is also very sentimental to me because I used to come here all the time when I was a guide and watch the sun set with my friends.  From here you can see the view of La Sals, arches and the colorado river.  I haven't been up here since we left as guides because I have always had my kids with me since, this is no place to take kids so it hasn't ever been an option.  I made Jon come on this hike with me right after the half marathon and I felt really bad, but I knew it would be years again before we could do this hike....sorry babe and thanks for coming with me.

This is Wilson Arch.  I'm surprised we have never even seen this arch before it's the easiest arch to get to and it's seriously right off the road.  We were looking for something easy to do because Jon was so sore so this worked out great.   We got up before the sun came up and drove as fast as we could to the arch.  To be honest the sunrise wasn't as pretty as most we have seen, but we had the arch by ourselves the whole time we were there and it was fun watching the sunrise with Jon.

Jon ran the half marathon in 2 hours and 11 minutes.  He trained so hard and I'm so proud of him...you did awesome babe!