Easter 2011

These pictures are taken right after all the kids had a nap so they are all a little groggy and not in the mood for pictures.  We had a great easter morning.  It was the first time the easter bunny hid their baskets so they were so mad when they woke up and they only saw an egg on the floor with their name on it.  The dang bunny made them go on a hunt for their basket and each egg had a clue in it.  Maren thought it was so funny and Taylor was just mad that she had to go searching for it, Taylor just wanted to keep Lauren's basket because the Bunny didn't hide hers :)  It was a pretty fun day!

Lauren didn't really want to find eggs, she just walked around to all the baskets that were left on the ground by one of the cousins and found some of their eggs to take.

This is Uncle Jeff stealing my girls eggs from them and their looks that they gave him.  For some reason it just feels like home for me for Jeff to tease :)  while growing up there were a lot of punches to the gut for games like this, but now I just smile and laugh when he does it to my kids.  It's a term of endearment I guess.

This was the first year that I can think of that we didn't spend Easter in Logan.  Since Jon was put in the Bishopric we just haven't been able to get up there as much as we would like to.  We missed Bruce and Kathy a lot and hopefully we can get up there soon!

This is my favorite picture of the day!!