18 months old

You are officially 18 months old now.  I feel like I have hit a milestone with you, and I'm still trying to figure out why I feel that way.  I guess now you will go to nursery so I don't have to chase you around the halls at church every sunday.  You do seem a lot more independent then you used to be, but still you are a lot of work :).  Your dad took this picture of you and him.  He was trying to hold the camera out as far as he could, but you are just too curious you wouldn't sit back for 2 seconds.  Your favorite thing to say these days is "go go go, momma"  You push me from behind and try to push me all the way to the door while yelling "go go go"  You always have somewhere to be.  You are my busy little 18 month old and I'm glad you are who you are kiddo!!! xxoo mom