Father's Day 2011

Life has been really crazy lately so I am just getting to posting about Father's Day.  We went to Logan on Friday and Saturday to spend some time with Jon's family and then we came home Saturday night and then spent Sunday with my family.  The girls always have so much fun going to there grandparents houses, It was a fun weekend.Jon told me I couldn't spend any money on him for Father's Day so I weeded and got our garden ready for us to lay down the wood chips and start planting flowers around our house :)  The girls wanted to make something special for him so all week long we worked on a video for him, I wish I could figure out how to upload it because it turned out really cute.  They woke him up early and gave him huge kisses and told him "happy fathers day"  They wanted him to watch his movie before he had to go to meetings at church so he hurried and got ready and they watched it together and ate breakfast.  My girls are always so thoughtful of us, I love that!!

Jon with his little Daddy's girls.Jon and the girls with "grandpa Bruce".                        We had to get one with Grandma Kathy too.

Me with my dad and all of my sisters.  My brother left early so he's not in here.

             My parents and I

I just love this picture of Jon on the couch with his little girl.  To me this is what Father's Day is all about! To all the men in my life, thanks for being such great dad's