We've been busy

Here is a few from my bucket list we've passed off.  I still have 46 more to go so I better kick it in the butt!!!

The kids were grumpy and we were hot so we grabbed the hose and turned the sprinklers on the kids and it was a fight with all of us.  It didn't last long though because the baby didn't think it was very funny.

Maren refused to help with the cupcakes because she was grumpy from camping out with her dad.  So it was just Tay and I and it was kind of nice to do something just 1 on 1 with Tay.  

Taylor covered her face in frosting and I heard her ask maren if she had anything on her face.  Her dad really rubs off on her sometimes.

Yes I know my baby is screaming on the dinosaur and we are making her sit on him.  I promise it was only for a second.

I don't have a picture of us going to the library because I thought I'd look like a crazy person taking pictures of my kids at the library.  Just know that we went, that's all that matters :)

We ended up not sleeping on the tramp because the girls wanted to sleep in the tent, but I figured that it would be close enough.  I slept inside with the baby and Jon slept outside with the kids.  All 3 of them woke up grumpy because they were really hot in the tent all night, so they didn't sleep well.  I heard Jon come inside our house at about 7 am and he was grabbing popsicles for all of them...not my idea of breakfast, but fun none the less.