More summer fun

I knew that when it was Maren's turn for dinner night it was going to consist of mainly fruits and vegetables.  So when we went shopping for her dinner I asked her  what she wanted and we came home with strawberries, salad, carrots, peaches, and hamburgers with orange soda to drink.

Maren thought she was so grown up.  She sliced every single strawberry in the case.  When I told her I would teach her how to cut them you would have thought I was the coolest mom in the whole world.

Here is her meal in all it's glory!!!  I loved your meal kiddo and it was fun making dinner with you.  I love your little hamburger man :)

We had a sidewalk chalk contest with my niece and nephew.  We went outside and they all picked a square to color.  Max drew a yellow submarine with the the beetles in it.  Apparently he's been listening to the Beetles.  Liv drew some of her stuffed animals that she loved.  Maren drew her stuffed animals as well.  Taylor drew pixie dust and got it all over her hands, and face.  Lauren just got in the way, of course :)  I would have taken pictures of the final results, but it started raining and I didn't want my camera to get ruined.  

This was a lot of fun.  When we woke up we heard the raindrops, so I told the girls to run outside and splash in the puddles.  They ran all over the place jumping and splashing in the water.  I'm glad it was a rainy day because I woke up in a bad mood (lack of sleep related bad mood, the worst kind)  But when we ran outside and played in the rain for a minute I felt like it was going to be a better day than I thought.   I'm glad the girls were still in their pj's...I love pictures of my kids with their hair all crazy and their faces still dirty from eating breakfast because it's real.  Diaper butts and crazy hair is what really goes on around my house...who am I kidding?

I love this picture of Lauren trying to keep up with her sister's.  I love most of all that right after this picture was taken they both turned around and waited for her.  I love my little girls!  There might be drama in my house, sometimes more than I can even handle, but I love the sweetness that always comes with little girls.  I hope you're having a fun summer!!!