16 down 39 to go

So I'm slacking, but I have promised myself as well as my kids that we will get all of this done by the time summer comes to an end.   Taylor wanted spaghetti, but she wanted to make it fun.  So we made bear rolls and then we made a porcupine watermelon that Tay was SO excited about.  She had so much fun putting the toothpicks into the watermelon and she was so afraid that somehow she was going to mess up.  I told her that she couldn't do it wrong and then she finally let up and had a good time.  

Her dinner was spaghetti WITHOUT the sauce, bear rolls, watermelon and a tomato and cucumber salad.  I love the meals they come up with, I'm surprised by it every time.  I thought I was going to have to convince them not to have just chocolate cake and ice cream, they haven't asked for that once. I just realized that we went to a bounce house a couple weeks ago and I didn't check it off.  I forgot about it because I forgot to bring my camera.  I wish I had because Lauren was so scared of all of the bounce toys that she would run over to them and get a little courage and then she would run back to me as fast as she could screaming.  We were there for a few hours and the last 30 minutes she decided that it was pretty cool.  We'll have to go back soon so she can actually enjoy it.

We didn't get up there until pretty late so we had to hurry and set up the tent before it was too dark.  After we set up the tent we roasted marshmallows, but it was way too dark for pictures.  We knew we were going to go to bed soon so we didn't light a huge fire, just one big enough to make a few s'mores,  so no fun light to take pictures :(  Oh well we had a good time and the girls were covered with sticky sugar all over them by the time we were done, so I'll call it a success.

Good Morning kiddos!!!  They were wide awake and ready to go.  They wanted to hurry and eat breakfast so we could go on our hike.  I kept telling them to stop eating so I could get a quick picture, but they refused :)

Good morning sunshine :)  All night long I had the lyrics from a sarah sample song in my head that goes "Now all I want is your laughter to break the quiet, now all I want is a warm bed with you lyin' in it, now all I want is a sunrise or two with you."  It was fun watching the sunrise with Jon.  Sometimes all I want is just the simplicity that we never have time for anymore.  Life gets crazy sometimes, but that's what is so fun about camping.  You don't need a much of anything really, just the company of your family and a few minor necessities.  

My sweet little camper!

We started our waterfall hike thinking that we were going to go to this huge waterfall.  You could hear the river and with all of this water the river was moving really fast so our expectations were high.  This was at the beginning of the hike, the kids were so excited. 

The hike was only .4 miles so it was really short, when we saw the sign the girls were so excited...they new we were close. 

Here it is!  Jon and I were disappointed and we didn't believe that this was it, but really there wasn't another place to go, so this was it.  The girls were happy and they were excited that they could throw rocks into the river so it didn't matter it wasn't huge.

Lauren was mad because we wouldn't let her swim in it.

Maren went searching for bugs and found a lot of them.

Taylor Jean just sat by the river and threw rocks into it and watch the water flow over the rocks.  It was a good weekend.