Wheeler Farm was 1,000 degrees today!  My niece and nephew have never been here so they had no expectation.  I thought they were going to say that it was for babies, because they always say everything we do is for babies :)  But they thought it was fun, so I was glad.  Lauren had a fever so we didn't last long, I'm not sure what's going on with her, but she wasn't in the mood for the heat so we lasted about an hour.  The kids were grumpy from the heat, but we got ice cream from the store and I let them play in the play house for awhile and they were happy.

The picture of the chicken was taken by my nephew (my nephews are always the first to want to grab my camera) good job dude.  I took a picture of the spider web because my niece LOVES charlottes web and she wanted a picture of it.  They are all cute kids, even though they are a wild bunch!! xxoo