I haven't been taking as many pictures because sometimes I feel like I miss out on things because of my camera, so that's why I don't have pictures of everything.  Maren wrote a poem about a BOY!!!  Oh heaven help me :)  Taylor wrote a poem about a giraffe. We have watched fireworks so much that I can honestly say I am beyond sick of them!!!  And we went to Cherry Hills and we had a ball.  Jon took Maren down the big water slide and then he told me I should take the girls again.  I took Taylor and Maren and I held onto their tubes the whole time.  Taylor was too little to hold on and so she was sliding through the tube the entire time...let's just say it was a crazy ride and I will probably wait until next year to let her go on it again.  

So this is the only evidence that I have that they were given pedicures and manicures.  I went to the store and bought the press on nails and they were so excited, but then they went and played with their toy dinosaurs and they fell right off.  I forgot to get pictures of their toe nails, but I painted them silver to match their pink and sparkly silver nails.

Oh by the way, Jon made me a new kitchen table, it's almost done and when it's finished I'll post a picture, but you can see it in this picture.  

They wanted to make finger puppets instead of sock puppets so that's what we did.  I am not much of an artist, but the kids don't know they aren't very good.  See look at Taylor's face....pure happiness!  

Orange Julius's were such a huge part of my summers when I was a kid.  It was fun making these with my nephew because I remember my brother (his dad) and my sisters making these for all of us when I was little.  I remember my summer consisted of listening to Billy Joel and UB40's Red Red Wine, eating cereal and playing store, speed and labyrinth, and making orange julius's.  I think I enjoyed this one as much as they did. I wanted to put this picture in of Lauren.  She always makes me feel bad when I am sitting across from her getting ready to shove a huge piece of food in my mouth and my little 20 month old is sitting there with her arms folded saying her little gibberish prayers.  She is a little angel now, let's wait and see what happens when she turns 2 :)