We just might make it

We only have 25 left we are more than half way through!!!  I know summer is almost over, but anyone that knows me well knows that I am a procrastinator and that's just how I roll!  I am determined to finish this list, come hell or high water.  The only one I am thinking we wont get done is Lagoon, will someone please tell Lagoon that they are not Disneyland and that they shouldn't charge so much to get in!!!!   Jon and I did the math the other night and for all 5 of us to go to the park, park our car, and eat, we would come away spending around $300!!!!  That's right folks $300, that's enough for me to take it off my list if you ask me :) So we knocked a few off our the last couple days and here they are.

We took the girls school shopping and I didn't bring my camera with me because Lauren is a holy terror when we go anywhere so I didn't want to wrestle her with my camera.  Anyways we went into the dressing rooms for the first time with the girls and I had them try on their clothes.  Maren at first thought it was so stupid, but once she tried on one outfit she was hooked.  She kept coming out of the dressing room and looking in the mirror and honestly turning around and checking out her butt in her pants.  The only thought that came to mind was I think I started this shopping thing too soon.  She was telling me "mom you could do my hair on the side and put a flower in it, and I could wear my black shoes with these pants." Yep...too early!!!  She's not supposed to get the shopping bug until she's in Jr. High right?  I didn't like shopping until I was married, so she for sure didn't get it from me.  Taylor just sat there and let me put her clothes on and she kept giving me "BIG SQUEEZES" she's just too sweet.

We had Bisquick Chicken and Banana bread, both of which they have never had.  We didn't have a problem at all getting Taylor and Lauren to eat it, but Maren decided she didn't want anything to do with the bread.  Jon had to put the bread in her mouth and you can see in the next picture just how much she liked it. :)

This closet used to haunt me in my dreams.  I had way too many coats in there and we could hardly shut the door, so yesterday I solved that problem.

We found their favorite ski hat in the closet mess.  They wanted pictures wearing it.

While we were cleaning out the closet I found some yarn that I was going to throw away and I decided I could make something out of that.  We sat down after it was all clean and we walked through our house and found things to make the octopus with.  We used stickers for the mouth.  I had eyes from another project I did with the kids and they found the bows to put in their hair.  Maren braided her own octopus, I was really impressed with her.    Tay named her's Joe and "she's a Gool (girl)"  and May named her's Sparkle....Lauren ate watermelon and could have cared less about the octopuses.