It's been awhile

Needless to say I got burnt out this last summer!  By the time the kids started school I thought I was going to explode :)  I feel like I am catching back up on life so I thought I would finally get around to posting Taylors Preschool pictures.

Taylor has 2 little girl friends that she goes to school with...she's a pretty lucky girl. 

This was all she'd let me get of her, just 2 pictures.  She couldn't wait to get inside the doors.

This is pretty much right after she got back from preschool.  I turned a show on for her and started making her food, when I got done with the Macaroni and Cheese she was out!

This is my funny little Lauren trying to make me laugh.  I swear she could tell I was upset about the girls going to school so all day long she was a perfect little angel.  I will note that that has been the last day that she was a prefect little angel :)

This is my necklace that I never get to wear because she thinks it's hers :)   I just had to throw a picture in here of her wearing it because I fought over it all day long with her.

We went to jump on the tramp and instead she just wanted to sit on my lap.  Thank you baby for making it easier to send my girls to school.  I'm sure I'm going to have a melt down once you start school!!!