Pumpkin Patch

We came here last year for a field trip with Tay's preschool.  I have been talking to Jon about it since then and we finally made it back as a family.  The girls had a ball and I'm so glad we were able to go.  Maren and Taylor wanted to have a contest of who could pick out the biggest pumpkin and Maren won...hands down.  Lauren insisted on being independent and she walked around the pumpkin patch telling Jon no to every pumpkin until he finally just picked one up and gave it to her.  She was as happy as can be with the big pumpkin on her lap.  Every time Jon touched it she would slap his hands and say "no it's mine"   The single picture of Lauren below is a glare, by the way.  She has for sure hit the age of 2.  Taylor is always so fun to take places, she just loves to do things.  Maren had so much fun playing on the slide and running around, she was so sad when we left.  We'll have to make this an annual event for sure!!