Perfectly Imperfect

I took these pictures a few months ago and I was just cleaning off my computer and found them.  I remember when I took them I was having a really bad day.  It was a Sunday and I decided to play hooky from church :).  I just wanted to not do anything, I was so burned out from trying to be the best mom and best wife and really feeling like I was failing at everything.  I just needed a day to do nothing, so that's what we did. I took my camera with me to mess around for a while, just to get my mind off of...really myself.  I started snapping pictures and just let my kids do what they wanted to do, I wasn't in the mood to hear myself talk :).

I look at these pictures now and I see how perfectly imperfect my life is.  My kids with their boogers in their noses and hair not done.   Big toothy grins and scratches on their faces.  Dirty hands and clothes that don't match.  It's the every day things in life that matter even if sometimes they feel mundane.  Sometimes it's hard to get through the day because you feel like what you are doing is so insignificant, but, "Change your thoughts and you will change your world."  Life doesn't get any better than this!

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