Photo a Day : Day 1

Talk to any successful photographer and they will tell you the way to get better in photography is to take as many pictures as you can.  So I am going to start TRYING to take at least 1 photo a day and then post it on my blog.  Wish me luck!

Taylor after dance class.  She always gets a sticker and a piece of gum from her teacher and her sticker always lands right on her forehead.  This is also her favorite blanket that she drags around the house all day long.  Dance class always wears her out, she was in no mood to get her picture taken.

Lauren has figured out how to use my camera on my phone.  I love how she holds things, her ring finger is always sticking out like this.

Lauren stubbed her toe SO bad on Tuesday that I thought we were going to have to get her stitches.  Jon settled me down and decided that she would be fine, I don't look forward to the day when one of my kids really gets hurt.