Photo a Day : Day 13 and 14

Day 13

Yesterday was a rough day, as you can see.   Lauren has been dealing with allergies since the snow melted and we have been able to keep it at bay for the most part.  Yesterday I guess she was just too warn out from trying to do it on her own.  We had to run to the doctors in the middle of the night last night because she was having an awful asthma attack.  I am new to the whole asthma thing, but after yesterday I have decided I HATE it.  She is doing much better now and I am so grateful for people that dedicate their lives to medicine.

Day 14

This is her from this morning, all smiles of course.  She has been giving me kisses and hugs and she keeps telling me "gank (thank) you mama"  She keeps asking for her daddy and her bottle, which is always her 2 favorite things.  We have an appointment next week to get her into the allergist and hopefully we can figure out what is making her so sick.  In the meantime though, we will be hanging out in bed or on the couch watching Barney.