Photo a Day : Day 44

For Mother's Day we went to visit my wonderful in-laws in Logan.  We haven't been up there in weeks so it was good to spend some time with them.  The girls wanted to go to the park so I of course brought my camera,

I ended up with too many pictures to choose from so sorry for my over abundance of park pictures.

Usually these 2 fight like cats and dogs, but this is proof that they have their sweet moments.

Help from Grandma Kathy and Taylor

Maren wanted to catch me :) 

Maren rolled down this hill so many times I thought she was going to throw up.  She wanted to roll down with Lauren once and this is how it went.

She isn't saying cheese here, she is hissing at me.  Apparently she thought she was supposed to beat up Maren while she was down instead of roll down the hill.  Sometimes she is a little monster baby :)

Right before this picture I told Jon that he needed to toughen up his little girls, well this is what he came up with.  He put them in a wagon and ran them down a very steep hill, when he got to the bottom with them he rolled it over on accident and of course they cried.  No one got hurt, but Jon decided he needed to try a new approach next time.  He's a cute dad and they love him to pieces so I guess that's all that matters.