Photo a Day : Day 50

Looking back on all of my posts so far I just realized that most the pictures I have taken have been at my own house, obviously I don't get out much :).  Sometimes I feel like not a lot goes on around here, I cook, I clean and then I repeat.  I sadly admit that some days I feel like I am supposed to be doing so much more, and I miss it, I miss the perfect blessing of simplicity.  But seeing all the giggles and the smiles and the memories, it just put it all into place for me.  I am so glad I have the ability to stay at home with my kids.  My mom was a working mom and I respect her so much for it, I see now the sacrifices she and my dad had to make for our family to put food on our table and I see how lucky I am that we have been dealt a card that has allowed me the possibility to see these sticky little hands and dirty little faces all day.  I am also so grateful for this man for who he is and what he does for me and my girls, for his hard work that makes it possible for me to stay at home .

Thank you to those of you that read this blog, it means a lot to me.