Photo a Day : Day 56 & 57

This was "Bring Someone Special To School" Day.  Maren picked her Uncle Jeff to come to school with her and she was so excited to see him.  He runs the greens at the golf course and he came even though he was in the middle of digging out a broken pipe, he was a trooper and I am so glad he came.   Also this picture was meant to be a strike a pose picture, but only Jeff and Taylor decided to do it. :)

I have been trying to mess around with light.  I feel like one of my weakest points in photography is that I have to find the best light or else my pictures don't turn out.  This picture was taken at about 8:00 PM in my office with a little bit of light coming into the room.  I love this picture :)  Maybe I love it because these 2 aren't attacking each other and trying to rip each other apart.