Photo a Day : Day 71

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share this with all of you.  This is my summer bucket list that I put together for my kids.  I laminated both sheets after I printed them off.  I then cut out all the circles and then added a magnet to the back of all the circles.  I had my husband make me a frame and then I spray painted the lines onto it.  I didn't want this to look perfect so I just did a quick tape job and I did 1 coat of white and 1 coat of grey and it looks a little washed out.  I like how it turned out.  I then sprayed the smaller molding pieces turquoise and they are only temporary.  I made it that way so that I can switch out the molding for different colored molding for different holidays.  I made a list of 100 things to do this summer and then I labeled them with a number.  Once we do that activity my kids look at the number that it was listed under and then they put one of the magnets on the same number on our bucket list, it's pretty simple. If you want to print off your own summer bucket list go ahead but this is NOT for resale!!!  This is for personal use only, please be respectful.   All you have to do is save the file to your computer or drag it onto your desktop if you have a mac, then you are free to print it off.

Thank you


Files to save and print off.

The paper that I used to make the circle is paper that I have downloaded over the years from the internet.  I had no idea how to even track these down, so If I have used one of your paper designs on here and you would like credit for it please let me know.