Photo a Day: Day 82

My "Gramps" passed away last night with his family around him,  he is so deeply missed and it hurts so much writing this post.  I took a few pictures yesterday, but they are so personal I didn't want to share them on here.  So here are a few old pictures of how I want to remember my Grandpa.  He was so candid and witty and no one could make him blush.  The second someone would tell a dirty joke he would have one to throw right back at you.  He loved ice cream and his reclining chair.  He loved watching sports and he once loved to box.  He was a firey, stubborn old Scotchmen that had an amazing heart and ability to love. Thank you for bringing your fold up chair to all of my soccer games and cheering me on. Thank you for accepting all of us for exactly who we are.  Thank you for your loyalty and passion for those you loved.  Thank you for the smiles and my sex education lessons from all your dirty old jokes :).  Thank you for holding my babies and telling me to name my daughters Geraldine after you.  Thank you for eating all the left over cookies and coming over to visit with us.  Thank you for telling us that you loved all of our crappy homemade gifts and then displaying them all over.  Thank you for singing to me in the car when I was little.  Thank you for letting me play with your A Track Player and popping them in and out in the middle of your favorite songs.  Thank you for whistling your favorite tunes while you were just minding your own business.  Thank you for being the man that you were!

I will forever look at my children and know that while they may not look a thing like me, that they got your fire, and heart.  I love you so much Grandpa.

Rest In Peace!