Photo a Day: Day 89

My calling for my church is the Stake Girls Camp Photographer.  It's a pretty easy calling, all I have to do is show up and take pictures.  These are pictures from our girls camp kick off, basically it's a pep rally for the girls to get excited about it.  For camp this year we are going for 5 days to a camp in Logan, UT.  I remember only really camping once when I was in Young Women's, all the other times we just stayed in cabins.  So I am excited to actually go camping with these girls and see how they all hold up.

I think it's good to take girls out of their comfort zones every now and then.  I remember when I was young and feeling like I couldn't do things because no one ever said to me that I should try it.  It was good for me to stretch myself, it gave me confidence that I was lacking as a youth.  I feel like girls don't get as many opportunities to stretch themselves while they are young because it's not expected of them.   I have 3 daughters and I hope I can teach them what it's like to live with confidence, it's such a happier place to be.