Photo a Day : Day 91

So my stubborn sweet little Tay decided to unbuckle her seat belt while we were driving the other day.  She was fighting with her sisters and she stood up in our van because she all of a sudden decided she didn't want to have to sit by her big sister anymore.  Right when she stood up we almost got in an accident and Jon had to slam on his brakes, which sent Taylor flying into the front and she slammed her face on our cup holders.  Luckily that's all that happened!!  She wanted to put a band aid on her eye because she was embarrassed.

We go over to my parents house every other sunday and the cousins play together.  This is the group of girls that play together...

and then there is Max.  Poor kid get's tormented by these girls.  I keep telling him that he will love it when these girls are at dating age and they are bringing over all of their cute friends,  then all of this will have been worth it.   But for now we just see this "angry little man" face on a regular basis at Grandma Child's house.

There are other boy cousins but Max fell right in the middle of all the girls, so he takes the heat all the time.

He's a good kid though, they all are...for now :)