Photo a Day : Day's 100 & 101

Day 100

This is my dad's piano, He inherited it from his mother when she passed away many years ago.  I have always known this piano to sit at my parents house and it has been played over and over again.  This piano isn't anything special to look at, it's old and has been slightly abused by sticky little fingers over the years.  The sound of this piano, whether it's played by those that can actually play it or not, sounds like home to me.

Day 101

I love soup, I haven't eaten it a lot since my husband and I got married.  It's one of those things I tried to get him to convert to, but it never caught on.   So with his new job I have decided instead of being sad that he travels I'll just take advantage of the things I don't get to do while he is home.  So I made soup and I enjoyed every single bite of it, and when it was gone I missed him. :)