Photo a Day : Day 105

We went on a hike up the Taylor Canyon Trail in Farmington with my sister and her family.  We thought it was only about 1 mile both ways but it ended up being around 3 all together.  3 miles isn't that big of a deal, but add little feet and big huge rocks you have to climb over and it feels a lot harder.  However, I lucked out with kids that are just like their daddy, I didn't hear 1 complaint come out of their mouths the whole time.  They just smiled and talked the whole time and from time to time I heard them say, "hiking is my favorite thing."  We'll have to get out more and I'll have to stop underestimating my children apparently. This is the view from the top, it was so pretty.  I really want to get a better lens for landscapes...any advice?   My lens just doesn't do it any justice.

Once upon a time these boys used to have their backpacks full of camping gear and climbing gear.  Look in their bags now and it's snacks, extra water and blankets or little jackets.  Daddy's are the best!!