Photo a Day : Days 140, 141 & 142


Day 140

My husbands new job requires him to travel.  We usually don't have to pick him up at the airport, but we were able to this time and the kids were so excited.

Day 141

Got all the school shopping done!  I try so hard to not spoil them with toys and possessions, so it's not often that I go on a big shopping spree for them.

Day 142

Back to School Night was awesome, according to my girls.  Maren doesn't really love school, but she got to meet her teacher and that's all it took for her.  She was so excited to get started after that.  Taylor got to play on the Kindergarten playground and meet her sweet new teacher as well.  I was so nervous to send her to school because she needs an epi-pen and I have just been so nervous to let her out of my site.  I spoke to her teacher about this and she has allergies as well and has to have an epi-pen too.  After that all my fears were gone and I was ready to get these kids into school. :)