Photo a Day : Day 155

This is my parents house and the only home I ever knew until I was 18 and I moved out.  That is the tree I fell out of when I was in Jr. High and where I would go with my friends to talk about boys.  That's the porch that we would sit on and watch the sunset together as a family.  That is the hill I would roll down until I would get so sick I would feel nauseous for the rest of the day.  That is the roof us girls would lay out on and tan when my mom wasn't home so we wouldn't get in trouble.  That is the driveway that we would play basketball on and my siblings would pretend that I did a good job.  That is the porch light that would somehow magically flicker on and off when we were getting dropped off on a date so we knew that my dad was watching us.  Inside is where we laughed and played together and fought and made up.

While my Dad has always seen this house as a starter home, they somehow managed to make it a place filled with everything that we ever needed.  We never had awesome cars or a pool in the backyard, but we always had enough.


And this is my dad filling up the gas can in his garage with a naughty little girl by his side.  It brings back so many memories of when I was little.  I used to follow my dad around wanting to help him fix the cars or watch him mow the lawn.  It made me smile when Lauren started following him around with her doll in hand, I had to take a picture.