Photo a Day : Day 184

We went to the pumpkin patch again this year with my family and it was a short visit that ended in the ER.  Lauren had a HORRIBLE reaction to the hay and grasses at the pumpkin patch and she couldn't breath.  I didn't get many pictures but I got a few fun ones at least.


The little blonde here in the red disneyland shirt is Jason.  He's my 5 year old nephew with Autism.  It's rare for me to ever get him to look me straight in the eye but he was looking at my camera and I got a shot of his beautiful blue eyes as well as a smile.  Though he's an enormous trial for my sister and brother in law he's honestly a joy to be around.   


Jason and Dad


Uncle Jeff with a group of them

Yes this is Uncle Chad with his infant son in arms.  I thought he was going over for sure, but his football skills must of kicked in at the last minute.


My cute girls and nephew


Jeff always doing things a different way and his wife Berrie.  Berrie's butt didn't handle the bumpy slide like she'd hoped.  I keep telling myself that's why I have a little extra padding on mine...for comfort reasons of course. 


Right before I picked her up and called it quits and took her to the ER.  I love this picture of my girls.