Photo a Day : Day's 185 & 186

Day 185


Being a stay at home mom sometimes you feel like you do everything wrong.  There are so many small decisions to make that effect everyone else that seem to add up and then you feel like you can't do anything right.  For example, sleeping in a little and then having to run around the house like a crazy lady to get everyone ready and then being late to pick up car pool.  Or when I wash whites instead of blues and now the kids don't have clean jeans for school.  Or forgetting toilet paper at the store, or having to work so much that your kids have basically watched tv for the whole day.  It's these little things that keep adding up that made me think to take a picture of my snack so I could remember that I made a least one good choice that day.  And then I stop and smile and tell myself to stop being so hard on myself because no one else cares but me, and that my choice to be upset about toilet paper is honestly a little nuts.  Then I eat my tomatoes and then chase it down with a spoon full of Nutella and then life is good again. :)

Day 186