Photo a Day : Day 188 & 189

Day 188


We unfortunately don't get to make it up to Logan to visit my in-laws much any more.  When life wasn't so crazy we used to get up there to visit at least once a month, but now it always seems like we have something.  When we do go up there I always notice how big my kids are getting when they sit in their kitchen chairs.  They look so much bigger then the last time we were there, Lauren finally sits at the table and is just a part of the crowd now.   You can hardly see her face poking over the condiments but she is getting big none the less. 


Maren's teacher asked me to come to her class and take pictures of the kids for a special activity.  They had some people for the Aquarium come and talk about lizards and snakes and different reptiles.  Maren was in heaven because she has wanted a snake for a while now.  I told her I'd take a picture for her so she could have it, but that's as close to getting a pet snake as she'll get.  When she moves out she's more then welcome to buy a snake, but I will not snake sit for her.