Something had to give

I'm sorry for the abrupt stop in my photo a day idea, my life kind of went crazy for a while and something had to give.  Unfortunately the only thing that I could let go of was just time in front of the computer.  My daughter Taylor has been not feeling well, it's nothing life threatening just frustrating for her.  She has been covered in a rash on and off for about 3 years now but the last year has just been incredibly hard for her. I kept taking her into the doctor showing them the rashes and they would continue to tell me it was eczema and they would send me out the door with steroid creams that didn't ever work.  I was honestly in the doctors office about every other week trying to find help and relief for her, but they would essentially throw up their hands and tell me (basically) that she was over reacting and that I should probably get a psych evaluation on her.  Even with rashes that looked like this ALL OVER her and these pictures don't even do them justice:



I started to believe them and I was getting so frustrated.  She would punch me in the face and give me black eyes.  Or kick me and give me a fat lip.  I would be driving down the road and she would unbuckle her seat belt and run down the isle of my van and punch me in the head.  She was honestly OUT OF CONTROL!!   I couldn't get a grip on her, I felt like we were both going crazy.  I hate to admit it but I was so angry with her.  I was doing EVERYTHING the doctors told me to do, and I was trying so hard to help her, but she was still not responding to me or any treatment at all.  This is how it was all day and night for us. 

This video is hard for me to watch because it was almost my breaking point with her.  I kept praying asking for help with her.  Praying that she would get better.

One night I prayed and finally just asked Him, "Please help me to be a better Mom and to just love her even when it's too hard to."  It was late and my husband was out of town.  I had a feeling to go upstairs and to check on her right after that.  When I got to her room she was quietly awake itching and crying.  I picked her up and held her in my arms and she said to me, "Momma, will you please make my itches go away?"  and then she curled up in a ball on my lap and sobbed on me.  It was at that moment that I knew it was going to be up to me to fix her and to find out what was going on.  I stayed up for 2 nights in a row until 3:30 am looking on the internet just trying to find some direction.  The 3rd night around 11:00 p.m. I found a rash that looked similar to Tay's, it was a celiac rash.  I posted on Facebook and asked my friends about if they knew anything about gluten rashes and I had a lot of friends that had some answers for me.  (THANK YOU)

For the next few weeks I put her on a gluten free diet and the rashes started to clear up.  She started turning into my sweet Tay Bugs again.  She was smiling and hugging me.  Her "I hate you's" were replaced with "you are the bestest mom in the whole world."  She would go hours without itching and she was sleeping again.

I feel bad that I made so many mistakes with her during all of this, but I am so grateful that we are getting it under control.  She is starting to do well in school again and she is turning back into just a normal kid.  I got her tested for celiac this last friday and the test came back negative, but the doctor still told me to keep her very far away from gluten, even beauty products, hair care products, and obviously all food.

I'm so glad I have my Happy little girl back!!

PS.  Along with the long break I took a little time to switch my blog over so all of my blogs were together.  It was too time consuming trying to keep it all straight and through all of this I have learned that time is valuable.