Shady Porch Time

Before I had kids I used to baby sit a couple of boys that would always have shady porch time with their mom.  I adopted this idea once I had my own kids and usually every day I get just a couple of minutes with at least one of my kids and we have shady porch time.  It's usually right after school and we sit and eat an apple together and talk about the day.  There is nothing exciting about it, but it's probably my favorite thing in the world to do. 

Sometimes we just sit there and look at the clouds.  Other days they cry to me and tell me about the sad things that happened at school (My husband likes to call this soft feelings, but we all know it's just the crazy that us girls all have to deal with :) ) Sometimes we just sit and laugh about dumb things, but it feels so comfortable to just sit out side and look up at the clouds.