Mom Of The Month

I am SO excited to start spot lighting a mom of the month on my blog.  This is my first mom of the month and I feel like she is perfect for my first post.  I met Fiauna a few years ago and fell in love with her daughter Keelie when I was her primary teacher last year.  Fiauna is an incredible mother and so it seemed so easy to ask her to be my mom of the month.  Thank you Fiauna for allowing me to come into your home.

Fiauna is also the author of Indigo andThe Sprightling Diaries so please make sure you click on her link below to check them out. 

My advice to other parents would be to find something you enjoy doing with your children and do it often. That can be difficult when our children are young. We end up doing things that they enjoy. How many times have you followed your three-year-old to the park because all he wanted to do was drive his trucks in the sand? Sure we play in the sand with him but in the end we wind up sitting on the side lines watching our kids play thinking about all the other things that we think we need to be doing. During tax season my husband works late into the night (or early into the morning). I am left pretty much a single parent for three months of the year. What helps me stay sane is finding little things that I enjoy and including my kids in them. It doesn't have to be something complicated like rock climbing (though if that's what you enjoy, go for it). We take walks, bake cookies, play Just Dance, and watch a lot of Man Vs. Food. One summer we wrote a book together. That is priceless.

All children are individual, but when it comes to the challenges of raising girls versus raising boys there are some marked differences. My boys are noisy and rough. They wrestle and "fight" for fun. That's something I, as a woman, just can't relate to. My girls are definitely more emotional. We see a lot more tears. And don't even get me started on the friend drama. What I've learned, however, is that despite their differences, my boys need just as much cuddle time as my girls and my girls need just as much play time as my boys.

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If you are interested in being my mom of the month please feel free to contact me through email or facebook.  
Thank you!