Mom Of The Month: Katie Darling

This whole month of August was crazy and I am relieved to be able to start blogging again after a couple weeks of taking a break.  I am excited to introduce you all to my friend Katie Darling and her adorable family of boys.  Here she is :


Tell me about your family and your business. 

I am Katie Darling and absolutely love my little family!  I have two adorable little boys- Beckham, who is 4, and Crew, who is 14 months! They keep me on my toes and I love every (okay most) minute I have with them!  My husband, Stephenson is amazing, and my boys are so lucky to have him as a Dad, almost as lucky as I am to have him as a husband!

My sister and I started Fancy Frills Boutique about a year ago!  We have so much fun, and I love working in FASHION- something I have had a passion for since I was born! We sell clothing and jewelry, and love to find fashionable pieces at affordable prices. I am so grateful every day that I can do something I absolutely love, all while staying home with my kids! It's definitely more fun than work.



Do you have any style advice that consistently works for you?

My style advice is to go with what works for you and is flattering for your body type! I feel like I wear the same style every day, but it's what I love and what works! Also I don't have hours to pick out something to wear- throw on an adorable necklace or skinny belt, and you've just made a boring tee look amazing! It's funny cause my sister and I are always drawn to the same items when we go on buying trips- we definitely have a similar style and I think it shows in what we sell in our boutique! You don't have to spend thousands or spend hours on a wardrobe, buy a few key pieces, and accessorize, and you are good to go!



What's your favorite thing about being a mom?

I love everything about being a mom!  When my boys come up and give me hugs, cuddles, tell me they love me... that makes it all worth it!  I also LOVE playing with them. Every day my 4 year old asks where we are going, I can't just sit around at home so we always try to go to a park, pool, splashpad, museum, ect.  It doesn't have to cost anything or be anything spectacular, we just love to get out and play!  It's also amazing to watch them grow and learn.  I wouldnt trade being a mom for anything!

What's that hardest thing for you about being a mom? 

The hardest thing about being a mom is the long, whiny days, we all have those right?!?!  And cleaning up puke or poop accidents I can't handle it, ha!  It's also hard to juggle everything.  I feel guilty a lot that I don't spend enough time with one or the other, or that I'm working too much, ect.  The mom guilt is endless and I wish I didn't have it!


Where are you favorite places to shop for your kids?

I LOVE shopping for my kids!!!  I would rather shop for them than me any day.  In fact, they have WAY more clothes than I do.  It can be hard to find cute boy clothes, but my go-to stores are H&M, Gap, Target, and Ruum.  For those of you with boys, you've got to check out Ruum!!  I love layers and bright colors for my boys.  I also have a thing for SHOES!  Something about cute little boys shoes I just can't resist! 

How do you juggle life and work?  

My life is crazy, I'm not gonna lie.  I feel like I'm going 100 miles an hour at all times, I try to work a little in the morning, then we go play, then I clean up and cook dinner in the late afternoon during nap time!  I love to be social too, and with that, church callings, soccer practice, and homework, there is rarely a night when we sit on the couch and just relax...I need to do that more often.  It's hard to balance and some days my  heart races from sun up to sun down, but I wouldn't trade working from home and playing with my boys all day for anything in the world!!

Katie, you seriously are so amazing!! Thank you so much for being my mom this month, your family is adorable and I had a ball taking pictures of you all.   

By the way she was kind enough to do a giveaway on her Facebook page for me, so if you are interested in winning my book go check it out here and enter to win and also check out all of the cute stuff she sales :)