Crochet: Ear Muffs

My girls saw some ear muffs the other day and I am that incredibly annoying person that thinks, "Maybe I can make some instead?"  I sat down and started piecing things together thinking it would take some time to figure it all out, but it was actually pretty easy.  I loved how they turned out and so did my kids so I thought I'd share the pattern with everyone.  I would love you to tag me on instagram here @childleslie if you make some.  Seriously, I have so many different ideas on how to make these I'm sure you all can come up with some pretty creative patterns yourselves.  This is just a really basic one, but you could use so many different colors or designs on these, I just thought I would do a bare bone pattern and let  you all run with it.  


Here is the pattern, but please be nice this is my first pattern that I have shared online.  If you have questions please feel free to email me.  DO NOT sale this pattern, this is for personal use only!

What you need:  A plastic head band, 2 colors of yarn, a darning needle, quilting batting, a size g crochet hook and a piece of cardstock or thin cardboard.


Headband: Ch42 (or until you can stretch it over the headband and there is about a 1" gap on both sides of the band like this.


Once you get the desired length ch 1 and turn it.  Sc across each ch for a total of 8 rows.  Once you get 8 rows tie it off.  Get a long string and a darning needle to sew it around the head band like this:   


Once you have stitched it up, tie it off and put it aside and start working on the ear muffs. 

Ear muffs:  Ch 4 and slst to make a round.  Round 2: Ch 3 and then do 17 dc into the circle for a total of 18.  slst into the top of the ch 3 sp to close round 2 and then ch 3.   Round 3:  dc into the bottom of the same ch 3 sp * in the next dc do 1 dc, in the next dc do 2 dc's.*  repeat from * all the way around until you hit the ch 3 and then close the round with a slst for a total of 27 dc's.  slst and close round then ch 3 Round 4: dc into ch3 space * do 1 dc into the next 2 dc, in the next dc do 2 dc's* repeat from *'s until you reach the ch3 sp.  for a total of 36 dc's do a slst and then Ch1  Round 5: Do 1 sc into each dc all the way around for a total of 36 sc's.  Round 6: ch 1 and sc into the next 3 sc's skip the next sc and then sc into the next 4 sc's repeat skipping the 4th sc until you get to the last sc and then close the round.  It should look like the image below.  Tie off and set aside and do 1 more exactly like it. 


For the inside of the ear muffs do the same pattern as the outside earmuff but don't do row 6.  Once you have done the inside of the ear muff cut 2 circles out of the cardboard that is a little smaller then the ear muff itself.  Then cut out the quilt batting to fill it up.  I like using the quilt batting because it holds a shape.  


Once you have them cut out put the cardboard in the middle of the cut batting and then stuff the ear muff and then start putting it together.  Like this:


Make sure you leave a gap so that you can put the headband into the earmuff, like this:


Do this on the other one and then start to sew them onto the headband.  I just shove the headband into the middle of it and then size them up to my daughters head.  Remember that the crochet stretches a little over time so you might want to take that into consideration when sizing them.  Just take your needle and sew it all the way around and then tie it off.  


I just take all the loose ends and shove them into the earmuff through one of the wholes.  This is what they look like when they are all done.   


And this is my little sass in all her glory!!  


Please tag me on instagram or comment below if you do this!!  I'd love to see them.  
Take care,